Iran’s short-lived nukes celebration

When my jubilant relatives in Tehran told me of street celebrations over the nuclear deal, I was reminded of the Yiddish folktale about the wretched farmer who sought his rabbi’s wisdom in solving the problem of his overcrowded home. To better get along with six children and two sets of grandparents in the cramped quarters, the rabbi advised him to bring the goats and the chickens inside! The disbelieving farmer followed the counterintuitive advice. Two months later, he attained perfect bliss when the rabbi let him return the animals to the outdoors again.

The nuclear deal, two years in coming, is the noisy international livestock whose presence in the Iranian arena had brought all else to a halt. Now, the proverbial gates have swung open and the most pressing miseries are dispensed with. The fear of rising inflation notwithstanding, there will be an infusion of cash into the Iranian economy and some of it may eventually trickle down to the most destitute at the bottom. Hence the scenes of festivity throughout the country.

Politico, July 17, 2015